Traveler Guitar Escape Mark III Review

I've been looking for a small compact guitar that looked cool, sounded great and had a good feel.  Getting older has led me to the decision that less is more.  I don't really like taking a ton of equipment to a solo gig anymore.  With the advancement of technology there really is no reason too.  Through my search, I came across several small acoustic guitars and played a few that I could in music stores.  It seemed that the stores I went into really didn't have much of a selection and they usually played horribly.  So I decided to take a new approach and researched strickly online based on reviews of real players.     

So after about a week of searching I recently purchased a Traveler Guitar Escape Mark III.  I saw a demonstration or test drive of the guitar on Sweetwater's web site that sold me on the product.  I was surprised on how lite it was when I held it.  It has a built in tuner, a phase button, earphone jack and a line in to play along to some tunes. I plugged it in and I pretty much got the sound I heard from the video instantly without any modification or EQ.  I took it to work a few times and was surprised how loud it was naturally.  

The only thing that I didn't like was that it didn't play or feel the best right out of the box.  I purchased the guitar from Sweetwater who does a check of the instrument.  Now they don't do custom setups so I don't blame them for the feel.  So I took the guitar to a local guitar tech master by the name of Tom Hawk who made that play just as good if not better than my expensive Taylor 814ce.  I was absolutely floored!  I still hadn't used it live at this point yet because I hadn't gotten used to it.  The shape and feel is much different than a standard acoustic guitar but I was surprised with a strap how easy it was to hold.  

I began to use it exclusively when I had rotator cuff surgery in February 2017.  Since it was so close to the body, I was able to play and gig once again after only 1 month out from surgery.  I was again pleasantly surprised with the compliments I received from people regarding the sound of the instrument.  I now use it exclusively when I play live at wineries and bars/clubs.  I love it!  

I would recommend that you give the Traveler Guitar Escape Mark III a try.  I believe that if you do solo acoustic work that once properly setup you'll find that it too will be your main guitar for live gigs.  Below are two examples of me playing it.  Check it out!

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Daniel by Elton John performed in my basement

The White Horse Winery - Playing a clip of Led Zeppelin's "Thank You"

The Cinder Bar - Playing a clip of Rod Steward's " Maggie May"

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