The Local Band Recipe

The Local Band Recipe: 

40% Show - Why are they there? No one wants to see 4-5 people just stand and play through a set list.  Pull it all together into something that is marketable and that will attract people to have a good time.   

40% Music - How well do you know the song?  Play your balls or vag off, know your songs inside and out.  Always important watch your timing and play with feeling.  People will always pick up on that and will feel the groove! 

10% Sound -  Why are you so loud?   There is a time and a place for everything.  Have multiple rigs for different size venues/bars.  The people that hire you and your fans will thank you.   

10% Lighting - Who's playing bass?   Lighting is important because for one you need to be seen, It helps with the overall show experience, and your fans pictures that they post on their or your Facebook page will look awesome. 

Follow this and you'll do just fine! 

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