Brian Bachorz Story

Brian Bachorz was born in Windber, PA.  Through his adolescence era and with much support of his family and friends he quickly found music to be a perfect outlet for his creativity.  His first instrument was the accordion which he still plays today.  His father Andrew was a drummer in a local band called The Joy Loaders where much of his desire to perform and create music comes from.  Currently he plays cover music as a solo acoustic artist as well as with the duo acoustic group "The Bucky Bean Band".  Brian has been working on original material for his debut CD which he hopes to release this year.  His music is a mixture of melody and harmony from several genre of music that includes rock, heavy metal, country, southern rock and folk.  His playing style oriented around feel and emotion sets him apart from the rest of the crowd.  Playing live, he rarely plays the same solo twice which makes each performance unique and special.

Growing up he started with the accordion, a very difficult instrument to play.  His first teacher Iggy Tallyen always emphasized playing from the heart which is evident in is playing.  His father being a drummer instilled a rhythmic feel for a solid groove that puts the punch into his music.  As he got older girls and 80's hair metal drove him to playing the guitar at 15.  This led to his interest in attending Berklee College of Music in 1989.

After graduating he teamed up with a bunch of hometown friends and became a founding member of the Southern Rock Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute band "Southern Steel" from 1992-1998.  With this powerful four guitar arsenal of brutal southern rock licks and originals began to provided opportunities to perform as an opening act for Molly Hatchet, Humble Pie, and Frazier River.  This grabbed the attention of their local Budweiser distributor Von's Beverage, who provided a sponsorship through Budweiser Concert Series after wondering why so much of their product was being sold at venues they had played.  Southern Steel is still performing in the local Windber, PA area and going strong.

In 1998-2000 Brian became a member of the rock group Inside Out which had released two successful albums prior to his joining.  They still have a strong following in the western PA area.  As their lead guitar player, he performed covers and originals along with contributing to the writing of a song which ended up being on their third album released in 2015.     Brian attributes his professionalism and desire to write music with his time playing with Inside Out.  He recently performed with them in March of 2016 in celebration of their 25th Anniversary.  

From 2000 to present he moved from western PA to New Jersey and has played with several bands in the western PA and South Jersey area.  He continues to play mostly acoustic but looks forward to forming a band based around his solo effort CD debut.   Brian is available for all events and entertainment needs throughout the South Jersey area.  Check out his original and cover music and also don't forget to join his mailing list for any new Brian Bachorz Live information.