Traveler Guitar Escape Mark III Review

I've been looking for a small compact guitar that looked cool, sounded great and had a good feel.  Getting older has led me to the decision that less is more.  I don't really like taking a ton of equipment to…Read more

Online Managers-Websites that help get you gigs!

I see more of these sites popping up asking musicians to sign up and promise to help you build a stellar profile to get fantastic gigs.  I have personally tried one called GigSalad and even though I did receive leads…

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Open Mic Nights- Why you should stop playing them!

You practice your heart out, learn new songs, and practice your stage presentation only to find that getting a paying gig is extremely hard.  You sign up for every facebook page/group you see and post your links and schedule hoping…

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White Horse Winery - Hammonton, NJ Review

Hello everyone Brian Bachorz of Brian Bachorz live here and I'd like to take some time out and say a few things about this new winery in Hammonton, NJ.  I've had the opportunity recently to perform at the winery several…

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