How to use an Eddie Van Halen D-Tuna for Drop D Tunning

How to use Eddie Van Halen’s D-tuna

I just learned this how to use the Eddie Van Halen D-tuna so I thought I’d pass it along. The D-tuna is a device used on a Floyd Rose type tremolo system that allows you to raise the low E string tuned to D to an E note just by pushing in on the D-tuna

How the D-tuna works

So to start you need to back out the low E fine tuner screw on the top of your Floyd completely out. You will never use it as a fine tuner for the string. The next thing is to pull out the d-thna so it isn’t engaged and unlock the nut screw at the top for the E and A strings. Tune the low E string with the tunning gears to a D note and lock the screw once it is in tune. Now, this could get tricky because when you lock it back up it goes sharp so it’s a fine dance to keep your D in tune. Once you get the D squared away you can engage the D-tuna to raise the note to E. Now this is what I didn’t know. There is a small Allen screw on the side of the D-tuna that is used to fine tune the E note. You tighten or loosen the screw to make the string sharp or flat. Once you get that set you should be all good.

All you will need to do to switch back and forth is either pull out or push in on the D-tuna. If you do a lot of drop D tunings it is worth the effort.

D-tuna Recommendations

It works best with a new set of stretched out strings for setup. Once the strings are stretched it is easier to fine tune the low E string. Also, the note will stay in tune longer while you play. I’ve noticed that each string change requires some fine adjustments.

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